Poro Katshiki: Amazing beach in Greece


Porto Katsiki is a beautiful beach in Europe. It was ranked first in “Most beautiful beach in Europe” in 2012. The water is extremely blue and clear here. Because it is such a popular beach that there are a lot of people here enjoying the beach together. So it is a bit lack of personal space. But still a recommended destinations in Europe.

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Important things to know

The path that leads down the beach via Youtube
The exotic name of the beach means “Port of the Goat” and refers to its difficult accessibility in the past. Today, there is a good road infrastructure that allows you to get easily to this magnificent coast.

The scenery at Porto Katsiki beach is truly spectacular. The white sandy/pebble beach is enclosed within towering vertical limestone cliffs. The intense turquoise color of the Ionian sea is beautifully contrasting. The first thing visitors do here is taking photos from a high perspective. A path at the top of the cliff offers breathtaking views over the the brilliant milky-aquamarine sea shore. From above you can admire the magnificent contrast between azure sea and dazzling white cliffs. The view point reveals the sea cave under the high cliffs in all the splendor.

On your way from Lefkada town or Vasilliki you can stop at several view points to take postcard pictures. When you arrive, you can park your car or bike in a close vicinity to the shore. There is a paid parking costing 5 euros per day but we managed to find a free parking place next to a coffee shop.

Porto Katsiki is divided into two parts separated by dramatic rocks. The beach is not organized with sun beds and chairs. There are no restrooms on the beach. The areas with a natural shadow are constantly changing so it is a good idea to bring with you a sun umbrella. Opt for a place far from the vertical cliffs due to the danger from falling rocks. On the beach there are catering services provided by a neighboring cafe Bilvi but most visitors bring drinks and snacks with them. An interesting book could be your perfect companion on the beach since there are no water sports in the area. Porto Katsiki is not a popular snorkeling destination because the water is not very clear and it is relatively cold until mid-July.

Tourists reach the beach through steep and narrow steps. This place gets very busy in high season. Additionally many boats stop at the beach as a part of a daily trip around Lefkada. Visitors are allowed to swim or to explore the beach. In July and August people have a hard time finding a place to sunbathe in Porto Katsiki.

The blue one marks the beach via Ross and Helen Travel Blog

The beach is 35 km away from Lefkada town, near Athani village. Porto Katsiki is situated on the west coast of Lefkada Island.

How to get to

There are several ways of getting to Porto Katsiki. If you go by car, there is a paid parking where you can stop and leave your car for the whole day. There are stairs to the beach – maybe 50. The beach is crowded and pebbly and after noon, it gets hard to find shade if you don’t bring an umbrella. The other, easier way to get to Porto Katsiki is by a boat tour. That way you will stay on the beach for an hour and you won’t have to find shade for so long. The road to Porto Katsiki is really narrow so it is hard to get there. It depends on the time you want to spend on the beach.

Prices and more

There are several cafés before you go down to the beach. There you can find fresh orange juice, beer, salads, toasts and ice cream. There isn’t a tavern near Porto Katsiki.

Things to do

You can either enjoy the crystal clear water and wild life in it or relax at the beach

Enjoy your stay in Porto Katshiki should you decide to go there.

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